Yakiniku – Japanese Barbecue

Yakiniku ( 焼き肉 or 焼肉) literaly means ‘grilled meat’ in Japanese. And the name says it all, because this is excatly what awaits you here! Located in the ‘Heusteigviertel’ neighborhood, near Österreichischer Platz, this minimalistic  yet cozy designed place only offers seven tables. Each one of them is equipped with its own grill which has a special exhaust air system, to make your experience as smoke free as possible.


Before you get started, you have to choose between a small and a big basic menue. On top of that you can choose between different complete grill sets, or special combinations and sides. We chose to try the seafood and the special xxl meat set.

The starters were tiny but so tasteful: Tuna cream, Japanese omlette with caviar and tofu with soy beans.

Along with the main dish comes a field salad with wasabi crackers and a remarkably tasty dressing as well as some udon noodles. The main dish contains of your mixed grill (all of excellent quality), rice and vegetable. Oh, and some very tasty sauces (one spicy and one salty) and a spiced salt. From there on, you are your own BBQ master of desaster!

The whole evening was a truly a unique (and apparently also authentic) experience that I can absolutely recommend! And on top of that, the service was as excellent as charming. We will definitely be back!

Weißenburgstr. 4a
70180 Stuttgart

Tel0711/66 48 92 66


Price range: €€€€

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