Winter wine walk in Rohrbach

Spoiler alert: This event is (so far) only available in German language. But that might change over time!

Wine hikes in winter…?

I don’t know how you feel about winter, but once the xmas glow is over, the cold and grey months can become quite dull, at least for me. That’s why I’m always planning some of fun stuff to do, especially in January. That’s how I came across the web page “Weinerlebnis Stuttgart” (Wine experience Stuttgart), which already sounded good to me! The page, founded last year by Karin Nehls, mainly offers… wine hikes. I’ve actually discovered wine hikes as a new hobby when I moved to Stuttgart, because it’s one of the fun things to do here. But usually those wine hikes take place in May or July, with the sun out, your shorts on and a glass of cool white wine in your hand! (Click here, to see where) But in this case, “Weinerlebnis Stuttgart” offered a little tour named “Winterglühen” (Winter glowing) through the vineyards, at the beginning of January with some Glühwein (mulled wine) and chili instead. I was totally curious, so I booked the tour, right away.

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Hiking around “Germany’s most beautiful wine town”: Welcome to Besigheim

This is the kind of autumn that I love! Golden leaves and sunny October days… time to put our hiking shoes back on again! We like to be out and about with other people, wich is the reason we joined the “Stuttgart Hike and walk Group” (former “Outdoorsports Group) of the international Expat community Internations (their Stuttgart section, obviously). In fact, my boyfriend and me even got to know each other there… But that’s a whole different story.

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