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Hi, I’m Rebekka, welcome to my Expat blog Stugginations!

What I have learned from living abroad is that there is always something (or someone) to miss, when you start living in another country. But at the same time, there is also always something (or someone) new to get to know and discover! My goal is, to make it easier for Expats and any non-German-speakers to get to know (and hopefully get to like) Stuttgart and it’s residents. Stuttgart is not New York, but it still has a lot to offer. A lot of times it’s love at (at least) second sight, once you get to know and like the nice places and people… so let’s discover them!

Here are a few words about me…

Before me and my twin sinster were born, my parents used to live as Expats in Papua New Guinea. They returned to Germany for our birth and we were born in and stayed in Stuttgart until we were two years old.  Then my parents decided they did not yet have enough of  the adveturous Expat life and took us to…. Africa.

Therefore my first memories are all from Tripolis, Lybia. We spent a couple of years and went to Kinderarten there. When thing suddenly started heating up (La Belle, anyone?) and Tripolis was bombed, we left Libya. After recollecting ourselfes for a few months, we took off for the next adventure… Enugu, Nigeria. That’s where I went to primary school and made lots of colourful childhood memories. After another couple of years- so far- our Afrcian round trip ended and we moved back to… Stuttgart, Germany.

After I finished school, I could not wait to move away again. Therefor I have studied, worked, lived and loved in several German cities and places: Stuttgart-Hamburg-Bavaria-Berlin. I honestly never thought I’d go back, but my job brought me back to my hometown, a couple of years ago. And here I am, after alsmost 15 years of absence -back to Stuggi! Now I live in Stuttgart West, together with my boyfriend, who’s also an expat and whom I got to know here – among all the different Expats and foreign workers from all over the world. And there are quite a few here! He decided to stay on aswell and now we’re enjoying  Stugginations together.

I help him get through the German jungle of bureaucracy and he reminds me everyday that it’s been a good decision to come back to Stuttgart. So this is what I want to do for you – help you through the organisational jungle, show you what Stuggi has to offer ..and make you feel that it was a good decision to come here!

Cheers, Rebekka

P.S. As I’m not an English native, please excuse my Swabian accent if you can spot it 😉


About me Rebekka Hees