Learning German: Pronounciation

We get it, we get it – learning German is difficult. (Not as difficult as learning Hungarian, I can assure you that!)

The Germans are fond of saying, “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache,” (“German language, difficult language”), often with a hint of Schadenfreude in their voices.

Acutually German is not tooo compicated to learn. But it’s also too damn funny, if someone gets the pronounciation wrong! But watch these videos to see for yourself:

Source: Conner Sullivan

Let’s meet up!

One of the first things you probably want to do, once you’ve setteled in a new place, is: Meet other people and make new friends, who understand your situation, share your interests and hobbies.

Fortunately, there is a variety of groups for all the English speaking people,  to choose from. Where international people like you meet, connect, and exchange information. Welcoming communities of open-minded individuals who share your experiences.

As a meber you can always: 

  • Connect with international people in their city
  • Join exciting events to meet fellow expats
  • Get tips and information about your  destination

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