Learning German: Pronounciation

We get it, we get it – learning German is difficult. (Not as difficult as learning Hungarian, I can assure you that!)

The Germans are fond of saying, “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache,” (“German language, difficult language”), often with a hint of Schadenfreude in their voices.

Acutually German is not tooo compicated to learn. But it’s also too damn funny, if someone gets the pronounciation wrong! But watch these videos to see for yourself:

Source: Conner Sullivan

A declaration of love to Stuttgart in moving images

Before I have started this blog I came across this beautiful video:

“Wandnotiz – Das Stuttgart-Manifest”.

A declaration of love to Stuttgart in moving images.

It’s voice over (in German, though) is done by Smudo, a famous German Musician from Stuttgart. He’s part of Gemany’s first successful German Hip-Hop Band “Die Fantastischen Vier”.

They came up in the 90ies but perform till this day and will go on tour, soon again. I used to be a massive fan and I still like them! This summer they will play (amongst many international A-listers) at some really nice festivals, for example the Stuttgart Jazz Open! Wohoooo, and I’ve been given a ticket as a xmas present, yay!

This video captures some of the nice spots and things to do in Stuttgart, so I thought you might like it, too.